Performance in
Business Operations

Performance in Business Operations is a 6 month 1:1 leadership mentoring program designed to help you meet your professional objectives by becoming the force that drives business growth and transformation.

Be seen as the go-to expert on operations in the organization.

Drive business growth and be compensated accordingly.

Lead business operations with confidence and become indispensable for the organization.

In running a business, too much information equals no information at all. If you cannot distill through the countless systems and frameworks you hear about…you will never get the clarity to take action and reach your goals.

Running business operations and making a real impact is hard.

You’ve likely spent weeks working on processes and systems for critical business areas and you hoped results will show…

Maybe you’ve tried new strategies for people operations, to increase retention and motivation among staff…

You even experimented with different frameworks for goal setting and yet…

Things just don’t seem to be working out very well.
Constantly trying to catch up to meet goals is draining and demotivating.

It is not your fault though. The truth is without an experienced partner by your side and personalized support, you will fail many times.

What works for many other businesses may not work for yours.

Chances are those other businesses are run totally different than yours, right?

There is a better way…

My experience has been great thus far! Our sessions have kept me on track with implementing EOS and setting goals for myself and the team. Cristiana provides clear direction and education along with best practices. I have felt immensely more productive.
– Devin Tempo, COO, Digital Marketing

You don’t need more “one formula fits all” solutions

You’ve already learned about countless operating frameworks promising to help you get on track with business goals – nothing really worked.

You don’t need another course full of theoretical advice that doesn’t fit your business’ needs. You already know that stuff.

Your current approach isn’t working, the glue keeping everything together is missing.

If you want to make a difference for your organization, positively impact growth, be seen as the operations expert and fast track your professional results and compensation…something has to change.

That ‘something’ is YOU.

Cristiana had been instrumental in building the company from ground -up. With her unequaled management, organizational and digital skills we built an incredible global team. Cristana built systems and processes for my hybrid (remote and physical office) company with a global, distributed team at a time when this was almost unheard of. She was relentless in finding the right solutions for our business and team.
– Ana-Maria P, CEO & Serial Entrepreneur, Telecom & Digital

You need to build Performance in Business Operations

Performance in Business Operations is a 6-month 1:1 online mentoring program for leaders who want to become the operations go-to expert their organization relies on.

I will show you what worked for me in building business operations from the ground up and most importantly, WHY it worked.

You will understand how to implement an operating system to generate optimal results for the business, meet your personal KPIs and fast track your professional development and income.

The best part? You won’t have to do it alone.

You’ll apply everything we talk about with my support and partnership.

Read here the success story of my mentee – from junior Ops Manager to COO in less than 1 year.

Is Performance in Business Operations right for you?

  • Are you an ambitious professional who wants to grow in the area of business operations?
  • Or maybe you are an entrepreneur building your small business from the ground up?
  • Have you tried implementing different frameworks and systems without optimal results?
  • Has imposter syndrome or self-doubt kept you from getting started?
  • Are you sick of seeing your efforts go unnoticed by leadership?
  • Or maybe you need support to implement transformational ideas for the business but don’t know how to ask for it?
  • Have you had moments of high achievement…only to see momentum and the business performance decrease again?
  • Do you want to grow professionally by making yourself indispensable for the organization – by generating great results for stakeholders and yourself?
  • Ready to take the plunge but don’t want to do it alone?

If you can relate to any of these, Performance in Business Operations is for you

Here’s what those I shared my knowledge with say:

How it works

Discipline and consistency is hard. Professional growth is hard. Luckily, I’ve experienced both and I will be by your side.

6 x monthly 90 minute 1:1 sessions

  • All sessions will be with me, your business mentor
  • Online sessions on Zoom (or similar platforms)

Unlimited questions and support

  • Between sessions I am available via email
  • You can address unlimited questions
  • I am available to give you unlimited feedback

Session follow-up notes

  • After each session you will receive the follow-up notes
  • You do not have to worry about remembering what we discuss

Action plan to advance your goals

  • Each session will end with a small action plan for you to follow
  • Actions will be geared toward reaching your leadership goals
  • The next session we will start by reviewing progress on the action plan

You will have a partner by your side

  • I will keep you accountable and coach you to take ownership of what matters
  • I will be there when your motivation runs low
  • We will analyze together your failures and turn them into valuable lessons

Schedule predictability

  • Our business mentoring sessions will always start and end on time
  • You will be able to schedule your sessions 2-3 months in advance
  • You can choose what day/time works best for the next operations mentoring session

Ready for a transformation that will make you the indispensable go-to operations expert in your organization? The kind of transformation that propels you into the leadership team?

Meet your business mentor

Performance in Business Operations mentoring sessions are led by me, Cristiana Pruteanu. I know first-hand how valuable having a mentor and partner by your side is – it is the difference between seeing impactful results in years vs months.

Since 2009, I have worked with founders and entrepreneurs around the world and built their operations from the ground up. 

I have been mentored by successful leaders and I will be forever grateful to them – this is what fast tracked my professional journey and brought me to where I am today. I am now honored to do the same for the next generation of mentees. 

I have had my fair share of failures and mistakes. At that time it wasn’t easy, but I got up each time and made them my most valuable lessons. Today I have the opportunity to share them with my mentees and help them burn steps on the path to success. 

Whenever I am not on a leadership mentoring session you can find me working with one of my tech clients, building their business or outdoors in the forest on my bike.

Here’s just a snapshot of what you’ll get mentored on

The art & science of impacting business decisions
The world’s most influencing leaders all have one thing in common: they listen very well and understand motivation and objectives before they apply powerful persuasion strategies to impact business decisions. After our mentoring program you will master this.

Deeply understand and align business objective with yours
To make a real impact in your organization means to contribute to the organization reaching its goals. When you align your professional objectives with the goals of the organization is when synergies happen and your progress is fast tracked. Learn how to align business objectives with yours and sync your progress with that of the business.

Overcome imposter syndrome
It’s time to align your mindset with your ambitions. You will pinpoint the fears and obstacles that have hindered your progress, learning strategies to rewire your brain, surmount these barriers, and realize your objectives.

Become the go-to operations expert in your organization
As an authority in your space, it will come naturally to you to build strategies for business operations and drive implementation. Leadership will rely only on you to take the business vision and turn it into reality.

Become the indispensable growth driver in your organization
Needless to say, businesses are created to generate profits. It is the ultimate goal of every business owner. In our mentoring sessions we will regularly bring this discussion topic forward. You will understand what generates growth and how to impact it in your organization.

Implementing an operations system that supports business performance
The mentoring sessions will help you analyze the current status of the business and choose a business operations system to implement for business performance. You’ll determine the critical business aspects to double down on for results – focus is key to growth.

Standardize process and leverage tech tools and platforms (including AI)
I will help you start building an operations system that makes it effortless to scale the business. By having the right blueprint for process creation and leveraging tech tools and platforms you will be empowered to automate and delegate to create efficiencies in the business.
You will learn how to use AI to enhance your thinking and organize information.

Exceeding expectations in your role and getting compensated accordingly
Face it. Without clarity regarding your role expectations, it is very difficult to prove your value and request to be compensated accordingly. In our sessions I will guide you through WHY and HOW to work on creating expectations for your role. Exceed expectations and renegotiate the compensation you deserve.

Ready for Performance in Business Operations?

Your one-time investment:


  • 6 x monthly 90 minute 1:1 online sessions
  • Objective centered approach – we discuss and work on meeting your goals
  • Unlimited support from me between sessions, via email
  • Accountability to help you stay on track with the transformation
  • Feedback from me on specific projects and deliverables from your work



  • Roadmap for building your business operations from the ground up – $2,200 in VALUE
  • Cost effective business expansion guide – $2,500 in VALUE
  • Access to templates and checklists I use in my work – $1,800 in VALUE
  • Access to my list of books that shaped my professional development – $1,500 in VALUE

All included in the 6 month mentoring program.


Unlimited access to me via email between sessions – unlimited $$$ VALUE

The collaboration with Cristiana was fruitful and with great results. The experience working with Cristiana was one of the most structured, productive and with a great positive impact on the organization.
– Simona Sandru, Director, Tech


Performance in Business Operations will generate optimal results for mentees in the following categories:

  • COO (fractional or full time), Head of Ops, Ops Managers
  • Other operations professionals
  • Entrepreneurs and founders with a small business or startup, aiming to build their business operations in the next months and eventually hand it over to an Ops Manager

Yes, this is a great mentoring program if you are starting from scratch in business operations. In fact several of my mentees were new to business operations when we started our collaboration.

Yes, if you are an entrepreneur or founder with a small business or a startup this program is great for you!

We will work together on the roadmap for building a profitable and scalable business. Later on you can hand it over to your Head of Ops to implement it.

You are not an operations professional or project manager.
You are not an entrepreneur, founder or small business owner.
You have no previous experience in operations or project management.

If all the above are true for you, then you are currently not a good fit for the mentoring program. Please apply at a later date if this changes.

Performance in Business Operations is a 1:1 mentoring program, so start dates are flexible.

The moment you complete the payment for the program you will receive a link to my calendar to schedule our 1st session. If none of the options on my calendar link work, we will get in touch and find a time that works for both of us in the next 2 weeks following the payment completion.

Please note, due to increased demand in the program, there may be times during the year when the only option is to join the waiting list. The moment new spots become available for mentoring everyone on the waiting list will be notified and registrations will be on a first come first served basis.

Based on previous experience with mentees, a frequency of 3-5 weeks between sessions is optimal to see results.

The action plan we are developing during the sessions is meant to help you advance your objectives so it is 100% aligned with your work commitments.

You will not receive generic homework and exercises, so there is no additional time commitment. You will focus on what matters most: reaching your goals.

Performance in Business Operations is the opposite of a generic program. It is a 100% personalized 1:1 mentoring interaction between myself and the mentee.

You bring up the objectives you want us to focus on, as well as the topics which are most important to you. The program is adapted to your specific professional goals.

If you are thinking or are in the process of making a career change, this is the perfect time to join the mentoring program.

Changes are difficult! Good news is that you don’t have to navigate this one alone! You can have me as your partner and I guarantee you will get my honest feedback on your next career move.

Not per se, however it will teach you how to think about it and how to be best prepared so when the ideal opportunity arises you are the front runner candidate.

Have I mentioned that I have interviewed over 5,000 candidates for different roles for my clients? So I can help you stand out from the crowd when it comes to find new opportunities.

During the mentoring program I will share most valuable lessons from my 14 years of experience in business operations. And this means you will be able to avoid the mistakes I made!

What I can promise is that we can work on a roadmap for you to follow my career path.

What I cannot promise is when you will get there. It all depends on you and how much effort you are willing to put into this.

I will share from my experience, what worked for me in similar situations to those you will bring up for discussion. In some cases I may have several options to share with you.

It is 100% your responsibility to choose what and how you implement in your work to generate results.

It all depends on you! What I mean by this is that we will work based on your objectives and what matters most to you.
If you bring up those topics which will make a difference in your career and you do the work that we agree on during the sessions, you will see results.

All my mentees who implemented the action plans we discussed saw immediate results and significant career growth within 3-9 months.

The mentoring program must be completed within 30 weeks from the 1st session (approximately 6 months). During this time we can agree to put the program on hold for 1 month and schedule remaining sessions during the 30 weeks.

You have the right to cancel the program, however you will not be entitled to a refund.

Of course! In fact several of my mentees expensed the mentoring program with their employer. It is definitely a win-win situation as many of the topics we address in mentoring talk about both company and employee objectives being met.

Currently the only option is 100% advance payment via credit card or bank transfer.

Empower yourself to become an authority in business operations and be compensated accordingly. You deserve it.

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