How I went from being the

VISIONARY of my life to

building a sustainable REALITY

It all started when I was a teenager, with the vision I had for my life. I knew I wanted to travel, see the world and learn about other cultures. At the same time, developing my career and having an accelerated growth have always been priorities for me.

Back then, more than 15 years ago, remote work was in its early days but I knew this was the answer to designing a full life with everything that means to me – a career, growth and development, travel, time for my family and fur babies.

At first I didn’t have an easy time building operations for remote companies.

This was a new space back when I started and I had to build remote-appropriate systems and structures from scratch.

There weren’t many peers to share ideas with or resources to consult.

I worked twice as hard as anyone I knew to test different approaches and ways of doing things. I was constantly spending around 16 hours in front of the computer.

I listened to founders and leaders, to their vision but also their issues:

  • lack of time

  • lack of expertise in company operations

  • no passion for working in operations

  • lack of resources, human or otherwise

  • tight budgets

I went back to the drawing board and started building systems and structures based on the founders' requirements.

I quickly realized everything came down to 3 key aspects. All 3 needed to be integrated for succeeding in building a scalable and profitable business:

  • People

  • Process

  • Tools

I discovered that building a scalable and profitable remote business can be replicated if the 3 elements are present and well integrated. So I doubled down and learned how to adapt them for a remote business. I learned:

  • How to build a world class remote team that shares the company core values

  • How to create simple processes that support scaling

  • How to integrate the appropriate tools to skyrocket profitability

I learned how to integrate all these and adapt them to each company’s objectives, size, industry and budgets.

And even better…

I had the honor of working with founder visionaries around the world and helping them in building their business while freeing up personal time.


By listening, planning, and taking action.

Founders I’ve worked with say

I am goal oriented and

solutions driven.

This is because I don’t just talk big picture strategy, but actually get into the nitty gritty details of the implementation, and empower you to confidently take action toward and building a scalable and profitable company.

If you like the idea of building your remote business while living a full life, let’s get started with my free resources now .

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A Few Things You May Not Know About Me

  • I am an introvert and this helped me develop into an excellent listener

  • I have worked with people in over 100 countries, on 5 continents… all remote

  • To me, thriving means growing… by listening and learning from others, reading, traveling or just throwing myself at challenges

  • I volunteer my free time to supporting women who want to build a career in tech

  • I am on a personal mission to help stray cats and dogs in my community have a better life (Micro and Bella can vouch for that)

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