90 minute consulting session

1:1 Business

Operations Clarity


Your one-time investment: $360

The only operations consulting session you will need to efficiently get clarity on a specific operations issue you have in your business. You will leave our meeting empowered and with the tools to take action and solve your problem.

When you choose to ignore an issue for a long time it normally attracts other issues until it snowballs into a huge bottleneck for the company operations. Instead of allocating your valuable time to work on the business you now have to untangle complex issues that impact the growth of the business.

The 1:1 Business Operations

Clarity Session is for you if

you’ve had an issue

impacting your company

operations for a while and


  • Understand what caused the issue and put systems in place to avoid it in the future

  • Determine how the issue impacts your company today and how it will in the future if not solved

  • Find the optimal solution to your issue and the most efficient way to implement it 

  • Create a mini-plan, with a timeline and responsible parties to solve the issue

  • Action your issue solving plan

By the end of this business clarity session you will have

  1. An optimal solution to your issue

  2. Mini-plan for implementing your issue including timeline and responsible parties

  3. Systems drafted for avoiding the same issue from happening in the future

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